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In accessing this report:

  • I understand that Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga provides access to these archaeological reports for research or private study only and that reproduction of the content of any of these reports by users is in breach of copyright, requiring the permission of the author; and
  • I understand that by making digitised copies of archaeological reports available online Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga is not claiming copyright. Copyright remains with the original contributors or their heirs; and
  • I agree that any use of the information contained within these reports will be referenced in the standard way; and
  • I understand that this material may only be republished with permission from the copyright owner, therefore I agree that I will not distribute this report to any other parties.

If you are the author or you own copyright in a work which appears in this digital library, and you do not want that work to be publically available please contact Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga at [email protected]. Feel free to also use this contact if you have found material within a report objectionable in any way, or would for any other reason, like the report to be removed. We endeavour to redact all photographic images of kōiwi but again please feel free to get in touch with us if you see anything of concern.

I accept the terms and conditions