Tairua Forest, Coromandel: Forestry Reports 2009-2010 (2009-2010)
106 Mahoe Street, Te Awamutu: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
139 Arney Road: Interim Report for NZHPT R11/2341 - NZHPT Authority No. 2006/80 (2009)
162 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington: Archaeological Investigation Report (2009)
244 Thames Street and 26 Exe Street Oamaru: Final Report for Authority No. 2008/225 (2009)
288 Cuba Street, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
46 Swindon Street, Ophir: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
72-82 Taranaki St & 17-19 Egmont St, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
Addendum to Harvest Plan Information for W15/196 - PA. Kiwinui Forestry Block, Matariki Forest, BoP (2009)
Addendum to Interim Report R11/2341: NZHPT Authority No. 2006/80 (2009)
Addendum to the Archaeological Monitoring Report, Peka Peka Road, Waikanae (2009)
Arahura Road-Rail Bridge Hokitika: Documentation of Structure (2009)
Archaeological Assessment at Kiekie, Kaikoura (2009)
Archaeological Assessment for 191 Purau Avenue (2009)
Archaeological Assessment for 35 Avoca Street, Kaikoura (2009)
An Archaeological Assessment for the New Zealand Defence Force at Watts Peninsula, Wellington (2009)
An Archaeological Assessment of a Proposed Recreation Reserve at The Glen, Nelson (2009)
Archaeological Assessment of Hurumua No 1 Lot 6 DP 8980, Frazertown, Wairoa District (2009)
Archaeological Assessment of Railway Land at Woodside (2009)
An Archaeological Assessment of Site N26/252 Motueka Pa For Ngatahi Horticulture (2009)
An Archaeological Assessment of Site N26/252 Motueka Pa For Tasman District Council (2009)
Archaeological Assessment of the Hutton's Shearwater Translocation Area, Kaikoura Peninsula (2009)
Archaeological Authority 2009/196 - Te Ngaru Stream Block Harvesting, Tangoio Forest (2009)
Archaeological Excavation Report on S18 Investigations, Thames School of Mines, Thames (2009)
Archaeological Excavation: T12/1243 - Whangamata Waste Water Treatment Plant (2009)
Archaeological Investigation 94 Bennett's Rd, Te Mata, Coromandel Peninsula (2009)
Archaeological Investigation and Monitoring of Vegetation Clearance and Sand Capping of T12/1035, Moanaanuanu Estuary, Beach Road, Whangamata (2009)
Archaeological Investigation Condition 5 Requirement, NZHPT Authority 2008/233: Christchurch Southern Motorway (2009)
Archaeological Investigation, Midden Q07/751, 2567 Whangarei Heads Road, Urquharts Bay: Historic Places Authority 2007/25 (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of 1-15 Pipitea Street, Wellington (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of Borrow Pit 1, S15/422 at Cambridge, Waikato (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of Midden Site R09/1099, Willjames Avenue Building Site, Algies Bay, Mahurangi (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of N27/172 Moana Road/State Highway 60 Intersection, Tasman Bay (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of Site U14/1611, Waikite Road, Welcome Bay, Tauranga (Authority 2008/60) (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of T11/186 and Revised Site Management for T11/189, Compartment 80, Brier's Block, Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of The Brook Homestead (R12/122) (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of the Lower Karori Dam Spillway, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (2009)
Archaeological Investigation of V20/204, Te Ngaru Stream Block, Tangoio Forest: NZHPT Authority 2009/196 (2009)
Archaeological Investigation Report: Site E48/3 (S186/4) Lee Bay, Stewart Island/Rakiura (2009)
Archaeological Investigations at 239 Tanners Point Road, Tanners Point (Authority 2007/279) (2009)
Archaeological Investigations at Omaio (X15/46), Eastern Bay of Plenty (NZHPT Authority 2006/46) (2009)
Archaeological Investigations at Site R11/859, Auckland Airport Northern Runway Development: Preliminary Report (2009)
Archaeological Investigations at Tapapakanga Regional Park (S11/498 & S11/825), Firth of Thames (2009)
Archaeological Investigations at the Bamber House and Wanganui Hotel Sites (Town Sections 79 and 77), UCOL Whanganui Converge Redevelopment, Wanganui (2009)
Archaeological Investigations at U14/2065 and U14/3269, Balintoy Park, 166 Waikite Road, Welcome Bay (2009)
Archaeological Investigations at U14/2402, Tauriko: Final Report (2009)
Archaeological Investigations of S11/1066, 1331 Kawakawa Clevedon Road, Turei Hill, Kawakawa Bay (2009)
Archaeological Investigations of T12/1298, 1299, 1300, 1312: Thames - Volumes 1 and 2 (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring Associated With The Construction of a Seawall, Kohukohu Road, Kohukohu, Hokianga (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring at Site One Landfill, Brookside Road, Glenbrook: Development Stage 1 Earthworks (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring at T11/62, The Tairua Site (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring at Totaranui, Golden Bay (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring at Whakanewha Regional Park (S11/105), Waiheke Island (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring: Disinterment of Hope Family Graves, Cosy Dell, Hamilton Bay, French Pass (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring: Landscaping at the Northern End of Kaiteriteri (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Retaining Wall at 2 Parnell Street, Rawene (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Stormwater Upgrade at Athenree, 2009 (HPT Authority 2009/89) (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Stormwater Upgrade, Harbourview Road, Omokoroa (Authority 2007/273) (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Stormwater Upgrade, Matahiwi Road, Te Puna (Authority 2008/98) (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Storm Water Upgrade, Tanners Point (Authority 2009/10) (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Watermain Replacement, State Highway 2, Athenree (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of New Ablution Block at Totaranui Campground, Golden Bay (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of Stormwater Upgrades at Katikati, 2009 (Authority 2009/38) (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of T12/106 - Whangamata Rising Main Renewal (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of Tapu Flood Protection Works - Thames Coast Project: Report 15 (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of Test Trenches for the Victoria Park Tunnel, Auckland City (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Religious Services Complex, 9 and 19 Redoubt Road, Manukau (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Drainage Works, Clendon Cottage Property, Russell, Bay of Islands (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Drainage Works Clendon Cottage Property, Russell, Bay Of Islands. NZHPT Authority 2009/280 (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the FNDC Kerikeri Riverbank Stabilisation Works NZHPT Authority 2009/67 (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Kerikeri Bridge and Abutment Removal (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the NZHPT Pompallier Mission Hillside Re-planting (Area 1A) (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Oakura Wasterwater Treatment and Reticulation Upgrade (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Tauriko Business Estate, Tauranga, Stage I: Final Report (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Whooley Residential Development, Jetty and Accessway Waikare Inlet, Bay of Islands (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Wood Property Residential Development, Paihia Road, Te Haumi, Bay of Islands (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring of Water Main Replacements, Waihi Beach 2007-08 (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring Q11/124 (HP Authority 2009/238): Stage 1 Lake Wainamu - Solomons Ridge Walking Track, Bethells Beach/Te Henga, Waitakere City (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: 21 Emma Drive, Waikawa Beach, Kapiti Coast (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Monitoring and Landscaping of Water Reservoir Site, Mutukaroa Regional Park, Auckland (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Monitoring of Earthworks at 'Sea Haven' Subdivision, Corner of Peka Peka and Paetawa Roads, Waikanae (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Paihia Rising Main, Bay of Islands (2009)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Whangaruru Short Loop Track (2009)
Archaeological Report Fort Buckley; Authority 2008/334 (2009)
Archaeological Report: NZHPT Authority 2008/246 Tolaga Bay Area School (2009)
Archaeological Report: Weddel Kaiti Freezing Works Ruatanuika Gardens NZAA Site X18/390 (2009)
Archaeological Site Management - Compartments 62-85, Whangapoua Forest: Update for NZHPT Authority 2010/149, and a Summary of Work Completed Under 2005/83 (2009)
Archaeological Summary Report: Tasman Lakes, Paetawa Road, Peka Peka (2009)
Archaeological Survey: Adams Avenue to Banks Avenue, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of a Proposed Seawall at Te Mimiha, Helena Bay, Whangaruru (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects, Proposed Clear Fell Harvest, Compartment 37, Omataroa Forest, Awakeri (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Mahinepua Peninsula Track Upgrade (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Proposed Track Upgrades at Watkin Powel Scenic Reserve and Whangaruru North Head Recreation Reserve, Whangarei (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Drainage Works and Partial Completion of NZHPT Authority 2009/220, Clendon Cottage Property, Russell, Bay of Islands (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Hillside Management Project, Pompallier Mission Property, Russell, Bay of Islands (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Realignment of State Highway 10 (Wakelin Bends), Puketona, Bay of Islands (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Subdivision of Lot 5 and 7 SO 317851, Kamo (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Subdivision of Oakura C, Ohawini, Whangaruru (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Timber Harvest at Te Kao Forest, Parengarenga B3C, Parengarenga (2009)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Timber Harvest on Rewarewa D, Whangarei (2009)
Archaeological Survey of Lot 2, DP 53335, Wellington Land District, Lake Kaitoke Recreation Reserve and Part Lake Kaitoke Marginal Strip, Wanganui (2009)
Archaeological Values and Assessment of Effects & Details of Site Management for Harvest and Operations: Matatoki Block, Waihou North Forestry Blocks (2009)
Archaeological Work Undertaken to Investigate and Record U17/66, a Cultivation Area Discovered During Construction (2009)
The Archaeology of New Zealand's First Government House, Okiato, Bay of Islands (2009)
Assessment of Effects on Harvest on Pa Site Q10/760, Stand 3, Compartment 57, Woodhill South Forest (2009)
Assessment of Heritage Values and Recommendations for SL2008-036 Ben Nevis & SL2008-037 Craigroy Pastoral Leases (2009)
An Assessment of the Impact of Logging on Site N27/134 on the Eastern End of Rabbit Island, Tasman Bay (2009)
Authority 2009/198 Historic Places Act 1993: U13/104, Motukoura - Report to NZ Historic Places Trust (2009)
Authority 2009/35: Papamoa Hills Regional Park, Te Puke (Report on Revegetation) (2009)
Awhea Conservation Estate - Tora: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
Birch Street Wharf, Dunedin: Minor Structures (2009)
Blanket Bay Recreation Reserve (E41077) Test Pitting (2009)
Bowentown Domain Development: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
Bridge 31, Houhou Creek, Hokitika Line: The Archaeology (2009)
Camborne Walkway Upgrade, Pauatahanui Inlet, Porirua: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
Camborne Walkway Upgrade, Pauatahanui Inlet, Porirua: Summary Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
The Carriageway, Footpaths and Hurdle Fence at Monte Cecilia: Report on Archaeological Investigations (2009)
Chatto Creek Tavern: Final Report on Authority No. 2010/55 (2009)
Cliff Road, St Helliers Bay, Auckland: Final Monitoring Report (2009)
Construction of the Northern Gateway Toll Road: archaeological report (2009)
Damage Assessment of Q05/824, Pompallier Mission Property, Russell, Bay of Islands (2009)
Denniston Stone Wall Stabilisation Report (2009)
Description of Archaeological Deposits in Dunes, White Beach, Great Mercury Island (Ahuahu) (2009)
The Establishment of Green Island at Runciman's Bridge (2009)
Excavation and Monitoring Report: SH29/Oropi Road Roundabout Slip Repair, NZAA U14/3312, Tauranga (2009)
Excavation of a Cable Trench to Pyle's Barn, St Bathans (2009)
Excavation of Postholes Required for the Erection of a new Fence on the North Bank of the Wairau River Mouth, and Analysis of the Materil Recovered (2009)
Excavation of Undefended Site R10/494 on Motutapu Island, New Zealand (2009)
Excavations at 27 Main Rd, Redcliffs (2009)
Excavations at the Karamea Midden Site L27/4, September 2004 (2009)
Ferndale': Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
Final Report on Archaeological Investigations at the Queenstown Post Office, south of Horne Creek carried out under HPA Authority 2007-166 (2009)
Foreshock - Aftershock: The Archaeology of Chews Lane, Wellington (2009)
Geophysical Survey, North Shore, Auckland: Long Bay No. 2 (2009)
Geophysical Survey, R10/1078, North Shore, Auckland: Long Bay No. 4 (2009)
Heritage Assessment on Water Supply and Distribution Systems, Gabriel's Gully Historic Reserve, Lawrence (2009)
Hikurangi Pa (Q05/64) Final Report, Moturua Island: Authority Number 2007/46 (2009)
Historical Assessment for the Muller Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Horse Trough, Hutt Road, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
Historic Kerbstones, Collingwood Street, Nelson (2009)
Historic Resources on Emerald Hills Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on Mt Arrowsmith Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on Proposed Freehold Land on Mt Alexander Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Braemar Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Grampians Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Holbrook Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Hunter Hills Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Manahune Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Middle Hill Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Redcliffe Pastoral Lease (2009)
Historic Resources on the Rollesby and Glenrock Pastoral Leases (2009)
Houpoto Te Pua Forest - Post-Harvest Assessment of Effects - Archaeological Sites X15/194, 219, 258; NZHPT Authority 2007/327 (2009)
Houpoto Te Pua Forest - Post-Harvest Assessment of Effects - Archaeological Site X15/129, Pukepapa; NZHPT Authority 2007/327 (2009)
An Initial Review of the History of 70 Pitt Street, Auckland City (2009)
Interim Report on Archaeological Investigations at Wairau Bar (P28/21) (2009)
Interim Report on Stage 1: Q Theatre, 305-309 Queen Street, 20-22 Greys Avenue, Auckland (2009)
Investigation of a Midden Component of T12/240, Moanaanuanu Estuary, Beach Road Whangamata: Excavation Results (2009)
An Investigation of Site R12/959, Owens Road, Waiuku (2009)
Investigation of the Railway Hotel, 321 Queen Street, Richmond: Interim Report (2009)
Investigations at Lots 7 and 8 DP 359097, 183 Rapanui Road, Wanganui (2009)
John Martin's House, Omapere (2009)
Kaiapoi Pa Palisades (2009)
Kainga Road Archaeological Assessment, Canterbury (2009)
Kaitangata Pa - Q19/84: NZHPT Authority 2009/217 Monitoring Report (2009)
Karekare Surf Life Saving Patrol Club Buildings, Karekare Beach, West Auckland: Archaeological Assessment of Effects (2009)
Kotuku Park Stage 4, Paraparaumu: Archaeological Monitoring for Authority 2008/47, Summary Report (2009)
Lake Road Widening Enabling Works: Interim Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
Lee Stream Stone Ford Revisited (2009)
Leov Subdivision, Elsie Bay: Archaeological Investigation (2009)
Lindis Hotel Stabilisation Contractor's Report: Stabilisation and Repair Works to the Lindis Hotel (2009)
A Line to the Past - The Archaeology of Te Aro Branch Railway Station (2009)
Lot 1 DP 209528, Oruarangi Creek: Report for NZHPT Authority 2004/120 (2009)
Lots 1 and 2 DP 208297, 43 Austin Road, Maunu, Whangarei: Report of Archaeological Investigation Under NZHPT Authority 2008/239 (2009)
Lyttelton Town Centre, Oxford St Historic Channels (2009)
Mangahawea Bay, Moturua Island: Q05/1368 Final Report (2009)
Matapihi Water Mains Upgrade - Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
The Mataraua Site (U14/2351), Tauriko, Western Bay of Plenty (2009)
Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Garden, Bastion Point, Auckland: Monitoring Report (2009)
Mitchell's Cottage: A Minor Rubbish Dump Analysis (2009)
Monitoring of Bridge Replacement at R11/2205, Oakley Creek, Waterview, Auckland City (2009)
Monitoring of Naseby Cemetery Earthworks, Naseby: Report to NZHPT on Archaeological Authority No. 2009/193 (2009)
Monitoring of RL_2 Forestry Road Construction Adjacent T11/189, Compartment 80, Brier's Block, Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel & Notes on Harvest for Setting 80_2 and 80_3 (2009)
Monitoring the Demolition of Historic Cottage N27/183, Dovedale, Tasman (2009)
Mourie's Meadows Archaeological Monitoring Report, Harakeke Road, Te Horo (2009)
Muriwai Regional Park, Southern Carpark: Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
Normanby Redoubt: NZHPT Authority 2009/263 Monitoring Report (2009)
Northland Streams Archaeological Assessment (2009)
NZ Historic Places Trust - Pouhere Taonga. Report on Archaeological Investigation at Owenga, Chatham Islands, 10 Dec 2009 (2009)
NZHPT Authority No. 2009/225: (Y18/490, Y18/491) 130 Lysnar Street, Wainui Beach, Gisborne (2009)
Oakura Wastewater Treatment and Reticulation Upgrade: Preliminary Archaeological Report (2009)
Ocean Ridge Archaeological Assessment (2009)
Old New Lynn Hotel Preliminary Excavation Report (2009)
Omokoroa Structure Plan Stormwater Project: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (Authority 2007/02) (2009)
Otago Polytechnic School of Art: Final Report on Authority No. 2008/358 (2009)
Otago Polytechnic Student Centre, Harbour Terrace: Final Report on Authority No. 2009/139 (2009)
Otago Settlers Museum: Interim Report on Authority 2008/67 (2009)
Otaki Railway Station: Archaeological Investigation Report (2009)
Pakuranga Rising Main Replacement Project (2009)
Pegasus Archaeology - The Seventh Six-Monthly Report, October 2008-March 2009 (2009)
Pegasus Archaeology - The Sixth Six-Monthly Report, April 2008 to October 2008 (2009)
Pegasus Town Limited Easement Through the Western Conservation Management Area: Archaeological Report (2009)
Pompallier, Russell - Proposed Development and Interpretation Projects: An Archaeological Assessment of the Likelihood of Significant Subsurface Material Being Present at Selected Locations (2009)
Post Harvest Archaeological Survey: Compartment 24005 Blakely Pacific Limited Forests, Matakana Island, Tauranga (2009)
Post-Harvest Assessment of Effects: Compartments 231 and 233, North Woodhill Forest Block, Kaipara (2009)
Post-Harvest Assessment of Effects: Omataroa Forest, Compartment 6 & 7, Omataroa Rangitaiki 2 Block, Awakeri (2009)
Post-Harvest Assessment of Effects: Pouturu Forest, Onepu, Kawerau, Compartment 2 (2009)
Post-Harvest Forest Compartment Survey: Cpts 59, 79, 80, 81, 90, 92, 108, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula (2009)
Post Harvest Inspection, Archaeological Site W16/119 - Pukehau Pa (2009)
Post-Harvest Surveys: Compartments 82, 83 and 85, Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2009)
Pre-Construction - Compartment 83, Brier Block, Western Whangapoua Forest (2009)
Pre-Construction Survey Compartment 83 Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2009)
Pre-Construction Survey Compartments 82 and 83 Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2009)
Pre-Construction Walkover and Assessment of Effects: Western Whangapoua Forest Compartments 55, 65, 78, 80, 81 & 82 (2009)
Pre-Engineering Survey: Compartment 66, Whangapoua Forest (2009)
Pre-Harvest Archaeological Site Survey to Establish Harvest Plans: Compartment 2 Stands 2 & 3, Pouturu Forest, Kawerau: Sale Area 61100202 (2009)
Pre-harvest & Pre-construction Survey Compartment 108 Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2009)
Pre-Harvest Site Relocation and Management: Compartment 81, Brier's Block, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula (2009)
Pre-Harvest Survey: Compartment 85, Briers' Block, Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2009)
Puriri Road Walkway, Beachlands, Manukau City: Final Investigation Report on Site R11/342 (2009)
Queen's Redoubt SE Bastion Excavation Report, Dec 28th 2008 to January 2nd 2009 (2009)
Rangiriri Bypass Project: Results of Archaeological Test Investigations (Rangiriri Pa/Commissariat Redoubt and GPR Anomalies) (2009)
Rangitatau Historic Reserve and Tarakena Bay Foreshore, Miramar Peninsula, Wellington: Archaeological Assessment and Management Recommendations (2009)
Report on Amberley Sewerage Pond Excavations, North Canterbury (2009)
Report on Archaeological Inspection, Beach Access & Site V14/45, Lot 1 DPS 78765, Ohou Bay, Motiti island (2009)
Report on Archaeological Inspection of Proposed Landfill Sites, Davis and Booker Blocks, Onepu, Kawerau (2009)
Report on Archaeological Investigation of Archaeological Site U14/2713, 65 Westminster Drive, Judea, Tauranga: NZHPT Authority 2009/39 (2009)
Report on Archaeological Investigations at Blenheim Sewage Treatment Plant carried out under s18 Authority 2009/170 (2009)
Report on Archaeological Investigation Site V15/687, 953 Maniatutu Road, Pongakawa (2009)
Report on Archaeological Investigations of House Platforms, Otuihu Pa, Waikino Road, Otuihu Peninsula, Bay of Islands: NZHPT Authority 2007/96 (2009)
Report on Archaeological Investigations of Stage 1, Building B - East, Allen Trading Complex (Lot 5 DP 2493), 66 Customhouse Street, Gisborne: Archaeological Monitoring Under Authority 2009/145 (2009)
Report on Archaeological Investigation under Authority No. 2009/155 of 20 Hudson Street (NL 47/172) Town of Rakopi, Golden Bay, Pursuant to Section 14 Historic Places Act 1993 (2009)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Construction of the Water Intake at the Point, Ngaruawahia (2009)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks Related to Additions and Alterations (Stage 2A), Waitangi National Reserve, Tau Henare Drive, Waitangi: Archaeological Monitoring Under NZHPT Authority 2009/284 (2009)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Esplanade Kerbing, Kaikoura (2009)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Geotec Investigation Area, Omokoroa Road - State Highway 2 Junction (2009)
Report on Archaeological Survey for Proposed North Valley Landfill, Onepu, Kawerau (2009)
Report on Earthworks Monitoring Part Archaeological Site U14/805, Woods Property, 50 Oikimoke Road, Te Puna (2009)
Report on Excavation of Moule's Hamilton East Redoubt and Other Deposits; S14/172 (2009)
Report on Greenvale Test Pitting (2009)
Report on Post Harvest Inspection Compartment 8, Tuhoe Forest, Waiohou (2009)
Report on the Archaeological Investigation under Authority No. 2010/12 of 8 Peninsula Road, Tata Beach, Golden Bay, Pursuant to Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993 (2009)
Report on the Archaeological Investigation under Authority No. 2010/21 of 8 Peninsula Road, Tata Beach, Golden Bay, Pursuant to Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993 (2009)
Report on Work Undertaken at Alexandra Courthouse Historic Reserve October 2007 to September 2008 (2009)
Report to NZ Historic Places Trust on Trenching at Five Sites Near Kaikoura (Authorities: 2009/269 (Kaikoura Racecourse, South Bay); 2009/285 (92 SH1, RD2, Kaikoura); 2009/286 (Acacia Downs, Peketa); 2009/287 (Moana Farm, Goose Bay); 2009/288 (Oaro)) (2009)
Report to NZHPT Authority Number 2009/37: Y14/312 Ridge Pa, Whanarua Bay Scenic Reserve, Te Kaha, East Coast (2009)
Report to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, Authorities 2007/222 and 223, Project West Wind, Makara (2009)
Results of Soil Stripping Monitoring of Part of T11/221 for the Construction of Hauler Pad 81/4 + Radiocarbon Date from Feature Within Investigated Portion Adjacent Pad 81/5, Compartment 81, Brier's Block, Whangapoua Forest (2009)
S14/427: Report on Test Investigations 2009 (2009)
S.18 Application - Glenside, Wellington (2009)
S18 Authority to Investigate Archaeological Sites T10/1084 and T10/1086, Whangapoua, Coromandel Peninsula, and Establish the Effect of the Proposed House Lots (2009)
Salvage Excavation and Analysis of Faunal Material from an Archaeological Site (R27/24) at Pauatahanui Inlet Near Wellington (2009)
Salvage Report: Rakaia Huts Playground Construction (2009)
Section 15 Archaeological Excavation of Pits (V20/206), Carters Road Block, Tangoio Forest (2009)
Section 18 Archaeological Investigation of Pa (S15/66) Along the Proposed Alignment of the Cambridge Bypass (2009)
Section 18 Authority (2006/205) Investigations at R12/930, an Historic Dwelling Site, Ridge Road, Bombay (2009)
Site Damage Assessment: Pouturu Forest, Kawerau, Compartment 2 (2009)
The Site of the Nineteenth Century Village at Taiaroa Head/Pukekura (2009)
Skippers Road: Archaeological Report on Emergency Road Maintenance of a Category I Historic Place (NZHPT 7684) (2009)
Smugglers and Bream Head Track Monitoring: Preliminary Report (2009)
St. Bathans Main Street: Final Report on Authority 2008/216 (2009)
St Peter's Cathedral: Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks Associated with New Porch Construction (2009)
Summary of Archaeological Data & Results of Pre-Harvest/Pre-Construction Walkover - for NZHPT Authority Application: Kiwinui-Bakkers' Block, Awakeri, Whakatane (2009)
Summary of the Archaeological Work: Archaeological Authority 2009/152 (2009)
Summary Report of Earthworks Monitoring for the State Highway 2 Dowse to Petone Upgrade (2009)
Sunnyside Lunatic Asylum: Report on the Archaeological Investigations (2009)
Supreme Court, Corners, Lambton Quay and Whitmore Street, Wellington: Archaeological Investigations (2009)
T10/824, Kuaotunu, Coromandel Peninsula: Archaeological Investigation (2009)
The Tara Road Sites, Papamoa (2009)
Tauwhare Road, Tamahere: Slope Stabilisation - Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
Test Pitting, Paraparaumu Airport, Kapiti Coast (2009)
Thames Hospital Archaeological Investigation, HP Authority No 2006/13: Interim Report (2009)
Thomas Building Extension, University of Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
Vogel House Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
Waihou North Forest Blocks: Outline of Archaeological Information & Archaeological Site Management Guidelines for Forestry Operations (2009)
Waihou North Forest - Puriri North & South Blocks: Pre-Harvest & Pre-Construction Survey Results and Site Management Details for Harvest (2009)
Waipapa Point Site Development - Archaeological Report (2009)
Waitara Road - Matarikoriko Road Reserve: NZHPT Authority 2008/12 Monitoring Report (2009)
Winstone Park, Dominion Road Entrance, Roadway Reshaping: Archaeological Report (2009)