2-4 Sinton Road: Preliminary Archaeological Report on Demolition (2006)
50A Avoca St, Kaikoura: An Archaeological Assessment (2006)
557 Aberdeen Rd, Gisborne: Archaeological Monitoring Report HPT Authority 2006/206 (2006)
62 Gloucester Street: An Archaeological Assessment (2006)
Archaeological Assessment, Compartments 79 & 81, Brier Block, Whangapoua Forest (2006)
Archaeological Assessment: Ngaiotonga Forest, Whangaruru (2006)
Archaeological Assessment of Damage to the Cross and Macandrew Wharfs, Oamaru Harbour (2006)
Archaeological Assessment of Lots 1-4, DP 8337, Ocean Bay, Port Underwood (2006)
Archaeological Assessment of Midden U14/2560 at Matapihi Road, Matapihi (2006)
Archaeological Assessment of Midden U14/363 at The Mall, Mount Maunganui (2006)
Archaeological Assessment on the Remaining Stages of the Bob's Cove Ltd Rural Residential Development, Bob's Cove, Wakatipu (2006)
Archaeological Assessment Report to Williams and King, Kerikeri: Whangarei Heights Ltd, off Raumanga Heights Drive, Raumanga Heights, Whangarei (2006)
Archaeological Assessment: Rukumoana Forest, Proposed Harvesting Operations (2006)
Archaeological Excavations at Hurlstone Drive Subdivision, Katere, New Plymouth (2006)
An Archaeological Inspection of Sites Potentially Affected by Proposed Fencing and Planting Regimes on Rare Snail Colonies in the Te Paki Area (2006)
Archaeological Investigation and Assessment of the 'Herald' Launch Site, Lot 2 DP29881, Paihia (2006)
Archaeological Investigation and Monitoring Report: Y19/40, NZHPT Authority 2005/27, Steel Property, Lot 3 DP 28871, Auroa Point, Mahia (2006)
Archaeological Investigation of Aotea Estate, Lots 29 and 30, Aotea (2006)
Archaeological Investigation of a Proposed Buildings Site on Lots 23, 24 and 25 (NL 3D/1136, 37, 38) also known as Pa Anawhakau, Anawera Point, Stephens Bay (2006)
Archaeological Investigation of Part of U14/2866, April 2006 (2006)
Archaeological Investigation of Pre-Historic Maori Shell Middens: Stage 10 Tuihana Subdivision, Papamoa Beach Road, Bay of Plenty (2006)
Archaeological Investigation of Sites U15/501 and U15/502, Paengaroa (2006)
Archaeological Investigation of U14/3256, 46 Evans Road, Lot 1 DPS 79487, Papamoa, Tauranga District (2006)
Archaeological Investigations of Site Q07/1148, Kowi Lakes, One Tree Point, Ruakaka: Final Report (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation Site U13/1246, The Crescent, Waihi Beach (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring at Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring at South Bay (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of 199L, 1929L and 2011L Cheyne Road, Oropi, Tauranga (Rendale Estates)< Lots 1 & 3 DPS 79417 (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of 34 Seafield Terrace, The Glen (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of 52 Wharf Road, Riwaka (NZHPT Authority 2006/63) (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks During the Tumai-Waikouaiti State Highway 1 Road Realignment (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of Sale Area NN37, Kaipara Hills Forest Partnership (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of Stormwater Improvements at Trafalgar Street, Nelson (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of Tararu Floodwall, South-East of Bridge - Thames Coast Project: Report 11 (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Fire Protection Works, St James Church, Kerikeri, NZHPT Authority 2007/64 (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Flagstaff/Maiki Hill Safety Fence Installation (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Nelson CBD Stormwater Improvements, Stage 2: Trafalgar Street (NZHPT Authority 2004/108) (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Stage 2, Russell Sewerage Reticulation Scheme, Russell, Bay of Islands (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Tauriko Business Estate, Tauranga, Stage I: Interim Report (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring of Victoria Park Tree Root Zone Survey: Field Report (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring Report, 28 Health Camp Road, Otaki (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring Report of the Harvey Subdivision of Lot 1 DP 197027, Kerikeri Inlet Road, Kerikeri (2006)
Archaeological Monitoring Report of the Somerville and Wallis Driveway Construction, Totara North Road, Whangaroa, Far North (2006)
Archaeological Report for Authority 2006/148, Ligar Bay (2006)
Archaeological Report of Investigation of N25/26 (Midden/Pits) under Authority 2006/275 (2006)
Archaeological Report of Part Ohinemuri-Waihi Low Level Water Race, Favona Mine, Waihi (2006)
Archaeological Report on Construction of the Kihikihi Water Reservoir, Waipa District Council (2006)
Archaeological Site Damage Assessment, Gee Property, 79 Burke Road, Wainui, Ohiwa Harbour (2006)
Archaeological Site Inspection: Schadler Property, 201 Kirkbride Road, Waimana (2006)
Archaeological Sites on Kingston Township Development (2006)
Archaeological Sites, Panmure Basin: A Checklist (2006)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects - Omokoroa Wastewater Reticulation Scheme (2006)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects Proposed Water Pipeline and Electricity Duct Installation Mauao (2006)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Harris-Stotter Subdivision at Cable Bay, Doubtless Bay, Far North (2006)
Archaeological Survey, Parihaka, Festival Grounds (2006)
Archaeological Test Excavation of a Pre-European Pit Site, 131 Mangati Road, Bell Block, Taranaki (2006)
Archaeological Viewing of Stage 1 Earthworks, Bob's Cove Ltd Rural Residential Development, Bob's Cove, Wakatipu (2006)
BOP Polytechnic Windermere Campus Aquatic Centre and Glasshouse: Archaeological Assessment (2006)
Cape Foulwind - Tauranga Bay Carpark Upgrade 2006/135 (2006)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Religious Services Complex, 9 and 19 Redoubt Road, Manukau, (Pt Clendons Grant (DP 16630) and Pt Clendons Grant (DP 20053)) - Archaeological Assessment and Section 18 Archaeological Investigation, St John's Redoubt (R11/534): Final Report (2006)
Clarence North Passing Lane Project: Archaeological Excavations of Three Sites in the Clarence Complex - P30/26, P30/36 and P30/38 (2006)
Cross St, Mahurangi: Final Report (2006)
Damage Assessment of Midden Site (Q07/751), 2567 Whangarei Heads Road, Urquharts Bay (2006)
Deep Water Cove: Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Sinking Location for the HMNZS Canterbury F421 (2006)
Eldorado Water Races (H44/1019 and H44/1020) (2006)
Excavation of Lots 3 and 4, Tompkins Subdivision, Wairau Road, Oakura: Preliminary Report (2006)
Excavations at the Oashore Whaling Station (M37/162), Banks Peninsula, Jan-Feb 2004 (2006)
Final Archaeological Report for NZHPT Authority No. 2006/88, Alexander’s Redoubt and Camp, R22/145, Mowhanau Beach, Wanganui (2006)
Final Report, 209 Broomfields Road, Whitford: Section 14 (2003/229) Monitoring of Earthworks at Pit/Terrace/Midden Site (R11/330) (2006)
Final Report on Archaeological Excavations of Koiwi Tangata, White Morph Motor Inn, Kaikoura (2006)
Final Report to NZ Historic Places Trust - Authority Pursuant to Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993, No.2004/243: Cove Rd, Waipu (2006)
Geophysical Survey and Ground Testing (Section 18 HP 2006/251) - Living Earth Ltd's Site, Puketutu Island (2006)
Geophysical Survey of Mission House Grounds, Kerikeri (2006)
Gold and Electricity: Archaeological Survey of Bullendale, Otago (2006)
Greenstone Cowboy: History & Archaeology of a Terrace at Ahipara (Site N05/383) (2006)
Hairini Substation, Kaitemako Road, Tauranga, Lot 1 DPS 63722: Archaeological Assessment (2006)
A Hangi at Awamoa (2006)
Holding Dam Site R11/1995, Huruhuru Stream, Swanson, Waitakere City: Authority Report (2006/198) (2006)
Interim Report: Archaeological Investigations of U14/2906 and U14/2907 (2006)
Interim Report on Excavations at R12/943, Waipipi Road, Waiuku (2006)
Interim report to NZ Historic Places Trust and Waitangi National Trust on Investigation of Archaeological Site P05/535, Waitangi National Trust Visitor Centre, NZHPT Authorities 2006/34, 2006/199 (2006)
Kaikoura Island Archaeological Survey (2006)
The Links Coastal Development, New Plymouth, Stage 1: Archaeological Investigation (Preliminary Draft) (2006)
Marine Parade, Maley-Craig Development, Queenstown, Lot 1, DP 300301: Report on Archaeological Excavations (2006)
Mariner Apartments, cnr. The Esplanade and Mill Road, Lots 7, 8 and Pt. Lot 38 DPS 23068, Whitianga: Archaeological Assessment (2006)
Monitoring of Earthworks on a Building Site at 45-47 Churchill Street, Kaikoura (2006)
Owari: An Early 17th Century Kainga at Wairoa. Archaeological Investigation at S11/989, North Road, Clevedon, Manukau City (2006)
PBC Emergency Events May 05, Reid Road (RP 1100) Slip Repair, Archaeological Monitoring Report (2006)
PBC Seal Extensions 06/07, Snodgrass Road: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2006)
Pegasus Archaeological Report for April, May and June 2006 (Nb: text only, does not include figures) (2006)
Pegasus Tin: Archaeological Survey of the Pegasus Tin Field, Southern Stuart Island/Rakiura (2006)
Pegasus Town: Interim Archaeological Report, April 2006 (Nb: does not include appendices) (2006)
Pegasus Town: Second Interim Archaeological Report, October 2006 (2006)
Pillans Stormwater Outlet, Otumoetai, Tauranga: Archaeological Assessment (2006)
Port William, Stewart Island/Rakiura: Archaeological Survey of the Site of the 1873 Special Settlement and Wilkinson's Farmstead (2006)
Post Harvest Assessment - Archaeological Sites Tung Grove and Taheke Forests (2006)
Post Harvest Assessment of Archaeological Sites Q6/344, Q6/345 and Q6/540 in Whangarei East Forest (2006)
Post Harvest Assessment of Archaeological Sites Q9/103, Q9/104 and Q9/1025 in Woodhill Forest (2006)
Post Harvest Report on Archaeological Sites U15/706, 711 & 712: GSL Capital Forests Gavin Block, Rotoiti (2006)
Post-Harvest Report on Archaeological Sites - Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula [PT Compartment 87 (Authority 2006/25), Pt Compartment 68, Pt Compartment 74 (Authority 2005/84), Pt Compartment 105 (Authority 2005/71] (2006)
Post-Harvest Report on Archaeological Sites - Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula [Pt Compartment 87, Pt Compartment 106, Pt Compartment 104] (2006)
Potato Point, Purakaunui Hill, Coastal Otago: Post-Contact Landscape Change on Purakaunui Hill (2006)
Preliminary Archaeological Report to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust: Bream Bay Properties Limited, Millenuim Way, Waipu South, Northland (2006)
Preliminary Excavations Report: NZHPT Authority No. 2006-86 with regard to R08/132, H. Hilliam and G Clark, Lot 6, Bream Tail Farm, Cove Road, Mangawhai (2006)
Preliminary Report: Excavation of the Swan Brewery Malt Kiln and 75-80 Ridgeway Street, Wanganui (2006)
Preliminary Report on Archaeological Investigation at Paengaroa (2006)
Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Investigation of the Kowhai Site Q19/347, Tikorangi, Taranaki : Kowhai Well Project (2006)
Preliminary Report on the Monitoring of the Faull Rd to Ngatimaru Rd Pipeline, Tikorangi, Taranaki : EPJV Gas Pipeline Project (2006)
Proposed Subdivision at Rainbow Falls Road, Kerikeri: Archaeological Survey (2006)
Proposed Subdivision of Lots 69 & 104 DP 357878 and Lots 1 & 4 DP 76964, Welcome Bay, Tauranga: Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects (2006)
Red Hill Argillite Quarry (O27/30), Kokorua: Post-Harvest Assessment, Authority 2005/270 (2006)
Relocation of Matamau Cemetery, Hawke's Bay: NZAA No. U23/16 (2006)
Report of Archaeological Assessment, Lot 13, Porterfield Road, Whitford (2006)
Report on Archaeological Inspection of Proposed Kilgram Heights Subdivision, Inverness Drive, Te Ranga, Tauranga (2006)
Report on Archaeological Inspection, Possible Eastgate Developments Subdivision, Waitaha-Waikite Road, Welcome Bay, Tauranga (2006)
Report on Archaeological Investigation Sites V15/5 & 587, Coach Road Orchards, 323 Old Coach Road, Paengaroa (2006)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring and Recording of Archaeological Data Contained in Drainage and Wastewater Trenches at 7C Driver Road Waikato District (2006)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks: Proposed Housesites DP 369097 Lots 1 and 2, Te Mata (2006)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring Work Associated with the Point Lighting Project, Ngaruawahia (2006)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring Work at Selwyn Park (S15/325), Te Awamutu for Construction of a Public Convenience (2006)
Report on Archaeological Work associated with Landscaping and Enhancing Hamilton West Cemetery, Willoughby Street, Hamilton (2006)
Report on Investigation for Authority 2006/101 (2006)
Report on Investigations on T11/955, Te Mata, Coromandel Peninsula (2006)
Report on NZHPT Authority No. 1998/134, Heipipi Pa Historic Reserve, NZAA Site Nos. V20/9-14 (2006)
Report on Reinterment of Koiwi Tangata at Site D50/3, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island, 4 December 2006 (2006)
A Report on the Impacts of Earthmoving Activities at the Frenchman's Gully Rock Art Site (2006)
Report on the Investigation of the Extent of NZAA Site Record No.'s M25/7 and M25/151 Suspected Archaeological Sites in the Area of the Former Pakawau Campground (Pt Section II, Blk XVI Pakawau S.D.) at Pakawau, Golden Bay (2006)
Results of Archaeological Test Investigations at Papamoa Gateway Subdivision, Papamoa, Bay of Plenty (2006)
Rimutaka Incline: Archaeological Monitoring of Contraction of Interpretation Posts (2006)
Ross Goldfield Historic Reserve Walkway: Survey Report (2006)
S18 Excavation Report 152-160 Hobson Street, Auckland: Preliminary Draft and Archaeological Assessment in Support of Section 11 Authority Application (2006)
Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993, Authority No. 2007/44: Rosella Rd, Welcome Bay, Tauranga (2006)
Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993, Authority No. 2007/44 - Rosella Rd, Welcome Bay, Tauranga (2006)
Section 18 Investigation of R26/32 and R26/33 at Tasman Lakes, Peka Peka (2006)
SH3 Stage Three Bell Block Archaeological Excavations at Te Oropuriri: Final Report (2006)
Site Q05/376, Hikuwai Rd, Rawhiti, Bay of Islands: Excavation Report (NZHPT Authority No. 2006/119) (2006)
Site R08/121, Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai: Preliminary Archaeological Report (2006)
Spinnaker Bay, Beachlands: Excavation Report (Site R11/2139) (2006)
Summary of Platform Construction at the Quartz Reef Point Historic Reserve (Northburn Tailings), Lake Dunstan (2006)
Summary Report on Archaeological Monitoring at Fairway Oaks, 90 Te Moana Road, Waikanae (2006)
Supreme Court Development, Wellington: Archaeological Assessment and Section 18 Archaeological Investigation - Final Report (2006)
Tairua Forest - Archaeological Site: Post Harvest Report [Hikuai Block, Ohui Block, etc] (2006)
Tairua Forest - Archaeological Site: Post Harvest Report [T12/1232, 1234, 1237, 1238, 1253, 1254] (2006)
Taumaka and Popotai/Open Bay Islands: Archaeological Sites (2006)
Taupo Police Station: Final Archaeological Excavation Report (2006)
Tupare Farm Subdivision, Tupare Road, Kaipara South Head: Report of Archaeological Investigations Under NZHPT Authority 2005/158 (2006)
U14/1350 Site Visit Report, Oude-Alink Property, 12 Goodall Road, Whakamarama, Western BOP (2006)
Waihi Beach Reserve, Hawera: Monitoring Report (2006)
Waihou Forest - Archaeological Site: Post Harvest Report (2006)
Waimarama Beach Road Archaeological Monitoring Report (2006)
Waitahuna Quartz Mine and Stamping Battery - Map and Site Description (2006)