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Archaeological Inspection of a Proposed Subdivision near Maunganui Bluff (1990)
Archaeological Inspection of the Jull Property, Whananaki (1990)
An Archaeological Investigation of a Food Storage and Habitation Site (O6/307-308) at Motutoa, South Hokianga, Northland (1990)
Archaeological Monitoring of an Electric Cable Trench on the Waitangi National Reserve (1990)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Telecom Microwave Site at Pukenui, Houhora Harbour (1990)
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Archaeological Site Survey of the Shepherd Residential Subdivision, Whangaroa (1990)
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An Archaeological Survey of Portland Island Waikawa, and a Revisit to Sites on the Mahia Peninsula Recorded February 1986 (1990)
An Archival Study of Wellington Maps 1840-1860: Part One (1990)
An Archival Study of Wellington Maps 1840-1860: Part Two (1990)
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A Bibliography of Unpublished Site Survey Reports Held By DOC - October 1990 (1990)
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Origin and Development of Lake St John (Waiatarua) (1990)
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Site Survey of the Lower Kuaotunu Valley (1990)
A Site Survey of the Upper Ahuriri River Valley (1990)
Soil Phosphate Analysis as an Indicator of Archaeological Deposits (1990)
A Survey of Historic Mining Sites in the Thames and Ohinemuri Areas of the Hauraki Goldfield: Section 1 (1990)
A Survey of Historic Mining Sites in the Thames and Ohinemuri Areas of the Hauraki Goldfield: Section 2 (1990)
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