315 Ihumatao Road: Interim Archaeological Monitoring Report (2018)
Il Casino 106-112 Tory Street (R27/421), Wellington: Monitoring Report Under HP 2012/419 for Globe Holdings Ltd (2012)
Impact of a Planting Programme on Historic and Archaeological Sites of Quail Island, Lyttelton Harbour (1999)
The Impact of a Planting Programme on the Historic and Archaeological Sites of Quail Island (1999)
Imperial Project: An Archaeological Assessment of a Proposed City Development Block (1997)
The Importance of Lithic Technological Studies in Archaeological Investigations (1985)
Imrie & Grant's Livery Stable, 218 Crawford Street, Dunedin (2016)
8-Inch Armstrong Gun Recovery, Fort Gordon, Miramar Peninsula, Wellington (2014)
Independent Comparitive Archaeological Study of Stonefields in the North Island, New Zealand (1996)
Independent Fisheries (20 Jubilee Street, Woolston): EQ Rebuild Report (2018)
Index to Archaeological Sites: Te Paki, Mokaikai, North Cape, Murimotu, Ohao, Te Hapua (1975)
Industrial Auckland: An Archaeological Invesigation of Grafton Gully (2004)
An Infant Burial from Okahu (or Redhead) Island, Bay of Islands (1982)
CBD Infrastructure Upgrade Stages 6 & 7: Napier (2018)
Infrastructure Upgrade Works (Stage 1), Franklin Road, Collingwood Road, Arthur Street and Wellington Street, Ponsonby, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2018)
Inglewood Place Pumpstation, Interim Report on Archaeological Monitoring (Authority 2022/649) (2023)
Initial Archaeological Assessment of Horahora 1A4D, Whangarei County (1987)
Initial Archaeological Inspection of the Pomare Bay Estate (1991)
An Initial Assessment of Some Sites of Archaeological, Traditional and Historic Significance within Manukau City (1988)
Initial Excavation of the Auckland Acclimatisation Society Fishponds (1988)
Initial Inventory of Rangitaane Heritage Sites in Palmerston North City (1999)
Initial Report on Archaeological Excavations at the Site of the Rutland Stockade, R22/440, Queens Parks, Wanganui (2002)
Initial Report on Excavations at Wiri Post Office, Great South Road, Manukau City (2003)
Initial Report on Mitigation Investigation for Angus Developments, Papamoa (1995)
Initial Report on Northland Archaeology (1986)
An Initial Review of the History of 70 Pitt Street, Auckland City (2009)
Inland Pack Track K30/87 – Punakaiki to Pororari River, Final report on archaeological monitoring and assessment of effects (2021)
Inner Harbour Log Yard, Port of Lyttelton, Lyttelton: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
Innes-Mills Pit Waste Rock Dump Site: Archaeological Survey (1995)
24/26 Inniscort Street, Cromwell Archaeological Monitoring - Auth. No. 2018/593 (2019)
Inspection and Re-Assessment of Archaeological Features Recorded Within DP58548, Lots 151, 154 and 155, East Tamaki - The Southwards Block (1988)
Inspection of Archaeological Site R12/32, Pokorua Road, Kohekohe, Awhitu Peninsula (1995)
Inspection of Archaeological Sites Pouto Forest, 7 August 1986 (1986)
Inspection of Mrs Colleen Thompson's Property "Ranui", on the Weiti River, Stillwater, Rodney District, 22 September 1997 (1997)
Inspection of Pa Site R10/787 and Adjacent Shell Middens and Pit Depressions, Kaipatiki (Lucas) Creek, Albany, North Shore City (1995)
Inspection of T11/234 - Pits and Terrace, Compartment 85, Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula (2010)
Installation of Fibre-Optic Cable Ducting at South Bay, Kaikoura (2011)
Installation of Fibre-Optic Cable Ducting at Torquay Street, Kaikoura (2011)
Installation of the New Diesel Fuel Tank, The Strand, Russell, by Caltex Oil (NZ) Limited: Archaeological Investigation of Site (Q05 1168) (1995)
Installation of Tsunami Monitoring Station, Korotiti Bay, Great Barrier Island: Preliminary Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Installation of Ultrafast Fibre at 'The Elms' (2017)
An Intensive Archaeological Survey and Historical Review of Tawhiti Rahi Island [draft] (2004)
Intensive Survey of the Historic R And R Duder Brickworks Site in Devonport Auckland (1992)
An Intensive Survey of the Proposed Dacre Crest Residential Development (1987)
Interim & Final Report for Archaeological Authority 2012/558: Te Araroa Track Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay (2016)
Interim and Final Report: Heritage New Zealand Authority No. 2015/1279 - Lot 13, DP 348513, Bream Tail Farm, Cove Road, Mangawhai (2016)
Interim and Final Report: Heritage New Zealand Authority No. 2015/601 - Lot 16, DP 348513, Bream Tail Farm, Cove Road, Mangawhai (2016)
Interim and Final Report: Heritage NZ Authority No. 2014/905 (2014)
Interim and Final Report: Mission Estate Winery, 198 Church Road, Greenmeadows, Napier (2017)
Interim Excavation Report: Sites R9/611, 645, & 704, Mansion House Valley, Kawau Island (1993)
Interim Monitoring Report Mangaweka Bridge Replacement Archaeological Authority 2020-536 (2022)
Interim Monitoring Report: Summerset Village, 32 Park Avenue Waikanae (2022)
Interim Report - Archaeological Investigation of W15/780 (2007)
Interim Report - Glenbervie State Forest 21 - Mokau Block, Archaeological Survey, July 1981 (1981)
Interim Report 2013/363: Monmouth St, Brown St, Cameron Rd/Elizabeth St Intersection (2014)
Interim Report and Site Record Updates Leamington to Cambridge North Water Pipeline (2019)
Interim Report Archaeological Authority 2015/958 Waikato Expressway: Hamilton Section (2016)
Interim report Fieldwork and preliminary results Authority: 2021/395 (2021)
Interim Report for NZ Historic Places Trust, Authority Pursuant to Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993, No 2004/243: Cove Rd, Waipu (2005)
Interim Report for Stage 1, 764 Maniatutu Road, Authority HNZPT 2019/486 (2019)
Interim Report for Works at Windsor Reserve– for Authority 2023/171 - sites R11/1817, R11/1950 and R11/2922 (2023)
Interim Report for Works Undertaken at 28 Puriri Road, Beachlands - Heritage NZ Authority 2017-680 (2021)
Interim Report for Works Undertaken on the Maungarei Tihi Track, Maungarei/Mt Wellington R11/12 – CHI1583 – for Authority 2021/485 (2022)
Interim Report for Works Undertaken on the Whau Pathways Project – Blockhouse Bay for Authority 2022/583 (2022)
Interim Report of Archaeological Excavation (Site V15/1416, HNZ Authority 2017/569) 111 Maniatutu Road, Pongakawa, Bay Of Plenty (2016)
Interim report of archaeological fieldwork on Ahuahu Great Mercury Island 2017-2021 (2021)
Interim Report of Archaeological Sites Identified under HNZPT Authority 2011/18 for the Normanby Overbridge Realignment, SH3, South Taranaki (2015)
Interim Report of Excavations At 1207B and 1207E State Highway 2, Pikowai, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authorities 2021-068 & 2021-069 (2021)
Interim Report of Excavations at 1251C, State Highway 2, Pikowai, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authority 2019/238 (2019)
Interim Report of Excavations At 197 Campbell Road, Otamarakau, Bay Of Plenty (2020)
Interim Report of Excavations at 227 Billing Road, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authority 2019/514 (2020)
Interim Report of Excavations at 263 Allport Road, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authority 2018/776 (2018)
Interim Report of Excavations At 468 Allport Road, Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authority 2021/508 (2021)
Interim Report of Excavations at 47 Adler Drive, Ohauiti, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authority 2016/421 (2018)
Interim Report of Excavations at 584 Otamarakau Valley Road, Bay of Plenty (HNZPT Authority 2022/289) (2022)
Interim Report of Excavations At 673 East Coast Road, Kaiaua (HNZPT Authority 2023/306) (2023)
Interim Report of Excavations at 71 Maniatutu Road, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authority 2019/190 (2018)
Interim Report of Excavations at DP 359640, (1033) Maniatutu Road, Paengaroa (2021)
Interim Report of Excavations at Scott Farms Pongakawa Ltd, 1212 Old Coach Road, Bay of Plenty (HNZPT Authority 2022/032) (2022)
Interim Report of Excavations at Scott Farms Pongakawa Ltd, 242 Pongakawa Station Road, Bay of Plenty: HNZPT Authority 2019/220 (2018)
Interim Report of Excavations At Waikato Regional Theatre (HNZPT Authority 2020-582) (2023)
Interim Report of Excavations of V15/1450, at 263 Allport Road, Bay of Plenty (HNZPT Authority 2024/027) (2023)
Interim Report of Monitoring for HNZPT, Authority No. 2022/743, Power Cable Renewal in Taupō Quay, Whanganui for Powerco NZ (2023)
Interim Report of Phase III of the Archaeological Excavation of Courthouse Lane (R11/1589) (1988)
Interim Report of Protection Works Undertaken at the Kinloch ‘Cherry Gardens’ Stone Oven July and August 2013 (2013)
Interim Report of Section 14 (2003/229) Monitoring of Earthworks at Pit/Terrace/Midden Site (R11/330), 209 Broomfields Road, Whitford (2005)
Interim Report of the Phase 2 Excavations at 1207C, State Highway 2, Otamarakau, Eastern Bay of Plenty (2016)
Interim Report on 159 Leith Street, Dunedin, (I44/554) (2012)
Interim Report on 32 MacAndrew Road, Dunedin, (I44/539) Archaeological Authority 2013/61 (2013)
Interim Report on an Archaeological Excavation at Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park (1982)
Interim Report on Archaeological (1992)
Interim Report on Archaeological Deconstruction of the Former Sunnyside Hospital (M36/385) Administration Building (South Main Entrance) and Grounds under HPA Authority 2007/169 (2007)
Interim Report on Archaeological Excavations at Bark Bay, Abel Tasman National Park (2003)
Interim Report on Archaeological monitoring at 20 Ethel Benjamin Place, Dunedin. (2020)
Interim Report on Archaeological Survey of King Country Coastline, 1993-1994 (1994)
Interim Report on Archaeological Work at S12/23, Pokeno (2017)
Interim Report on Archaeological Work Carried out under Authority 2013/222 for the M2PP Expressway - Sector 3 (2013)
Interim Report on Archaeological Work Carried out under Authority 2013/260 for the M2PP Expressway - Sector 5 (2013)
Interim Report on Archaeological Work Carried out under Authority 2013/381 for the M2PP Expressway - Sector 6 (2013)
Interim Report on Breccia Retaining Wall, Smith Street (I44/529) Archaeological Authority 2013/59 (2013)
Interim Report on Excavation at Site N44/67, Hahei, Coromandel Peninsula (1977)
Interim Report on Excavation at Sites N10/207, N10/209, N10/210, N10/280 (1984)
Interim Report on Excavation at Sites N10/207, N10/209, N10/210, N10/280 (Not Excavated) (1984)
Interim Report on Excavations at Fisher Rd (Flatrock), Mt Wellington (1985)
Interim Report on Excavations at Fort Clarke (V16/265), Matahina Forest, Bay of Plenty (1987)
Interim Report on Excavations at N42/941, Westfield, South Auckland (no date)
Interim Report on Excavations at R12/943, Waipipi Road, Waiuku (2006)
Interim Report on Excavations at U14/712-713 at Omokoroa (2004)
Interim Report on Excavations at Watsons Beach (H45/10), an Early Coastal Otago Archaeological Site (2002)
Interim Report on Excavations carried out as part of the Wanganui Regional Museum Waverley Project (1988)
Interim Report on Field Archaeological Survey of the Northwest King Country Coastline: First Draft Only, April 1993 (1993)
Interim Report on Investigation of Sites S96/2, S96/6 Barn Bay (1986)
Interim Report on Items Recovered from Opepe Fossick Hole (1983)
Interim Report on Mitigation Investigation at Blue Haven Subdivision, Papamoa (1995)
Interim Report on Monitoring Under Heritage NzZ2017/878: Former Matterhorn (104 and 106 Cuba Street) Demolition Monitoring (2019)
Interim Report on Stage 1: Q Theatre, 305-309 Queen Street, 20-22 Greys Avenue, Auckland (2009)
Interim Report on Stage II Archaeological Investigations in the Briers Block, Whangapoua S.F. 169 (1983)
Interim Report on Stages IV and V of the Maruka Investigations, Kawerau, Bay of Plenty (1982)
An interim report on the "Dalgety Building*", 2 Alfred St, Blenheim, and its site (2015)
Interim Report on the Archaeological Excavation of the New Deptford Shipbuilding Yard (005/317), Horeke, New Zealand (2016)
Interim Report on the Archaeological Investigations at S24/69, Whyte's Hotel, Foxton (2002)
Interim Report on the Excavation at Castlepoint: NZAA Site No. N159/19 - HPT Permit 1978/255 for the Historic Places Trust (1979)
Interim Report on the Excavations at Okau, NZAA Site N159/18 (1977)
Interim Report on the First Season's Excavation at N66/60, Te Miro, and Submissions to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust for Extending the Rescue Programme (1978)
Interim Report on the Fort Alfred Test Excavations (1983)
Interim Report on the Investigation of N56/25, Hamilton (1978)
Interim Report on the NZI Excavation at Chancery St, Auckland, Site R11/1589 (1988)
Interim Report on the Recording of Maori Rock Shelter Art at Benmore (1958)
Interim Report on the Salvage Excavation of the Archaeological Site S155/31 at Omimi (1977)
Interim Report Service Trench, Mana Island on Archaeological Monitoring Authority 2022-033 (2021)
Interim Report Summer Field Recording [Taupo] (1979)
Interim Report to NZ Forest Service and NZHPT on Archaeological Inspection of the Otanguru Block, Whangapoua S.F. 169 (1981)
Interim report to NZ Historic Places Trust and Waitangi National Trust on Investigation of Archaeological Site P05/535, Waitangi National Trust Visitor Centre, NZHPT Authorities 2006/34, 2006/199 (2006)
2022 Interim Report under Archaeological Authority 2022/347 - work carried out at Cooper’s Terrace on the Arrow River, Central Otago (2022)
Interim Report, Waipoua Forest (2000)
Interim Report: Archaeological Monitoring of Normanby Domain Drainage and Wallscourt Place Upgrade (Heritage New Zealand Authority 2017/551) (2017)
Interim Report: Archaeological monitoring of Mansell subdivision Otaihanga Road, Waikanae, under Heritage NZ authority 2020/378 (2020)
Interim Report: Authority Number 2006/259 (2007)
Interim Report: Investigation of Archaeological Sites N57/73-75, Michaels Block, Waihou Valley Scheme (1980)
Interim Report: Investigation of T11/2789 - Part Dacres Grant, SA46A/631, Purangi Road, Cooks Beach, Coromandel Peninsula (2015)
Interim Report: Investigations of S14/194 and Parts of S14/195, in Relation to the Ngaruawahia Section of the Waikato Expressway (2011)
Interim and Final Archaeological Report
Interim Archaeological Investigation
Interim Archaeological Report
Interim Report Archaeological Investigation
Interim Report: Archaeological Investigation
Interim report for Archaeological Authority
Interim Report for Archaeological Monitoring
Interim Report of Archaeological Investigation
Interim Report on Archaeological Investigation
Interim Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Interim Report on Excavations at the Port Marlborough New Zealand Boatshed Site, P27/158, at Waikawa Bay, Marlborough Sounds
Interisland, Glasgow & Kings Wharves, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring of Maintenance Work (2012)
An Inventory of Historic and Significant Buildings in the Whakatane Central Business Area and Wairaka (no date)
Invercargill Central Redevelopment, Geotechnical Investigation (2019)
Invercargill Infrastructure, 2018-2019 Interim Report for Archaeological Investigations under Global Archaeological Authority No. 2018/532 (2019)
Invercargill Infrastructure: An Annual Report for Archaeological Investigations under Archaeological Authority 2018/532 for the 2019-2020 Reporting Period (2022)
Investigation and Monitoring: Rakaia Moahunter Site (1989)
Investigation and Recovery of Waka, Okiritoto Stream, Muriwai Regional Park (2010)
An Investigation into the History and Remains of Lambs Flour Mill and the Riverhead Paper Mill, Site R10/721 (no date)
Investigation into the Wreck of the Barque Robina Dunlop (1874-77) at Turakina River Mouth an Archaeological Report to Meet the Requirements of Heritage New Zealand Authority 2019-732 (2022)
Investigation of a Burial (D49/28) at Mason Bay, Stewart Island, 7 January 1998 (1998)
S.18 Investigation of a Cemetery at Waimarama, Hawkes Bay (2001)
Investigation of a Midden Component of T12/240, Moanaanuanu Estuary, Beach Road Whangamata: Excavation Results (2009)
Investigation of an Eroding Burial Ground, N159/17, at Castlepoint on the Eastern Wairarapa Coast (1976)
An Investigation of Archaeological Features at Otamure, Waikahoa and Puriri Bay Campsites, Whangarei (2010)
Investigation of Archaeological Site - N66/32 (1982)
Investigation of Archaeological Site M02/33 (N1&2/194): Te Paki Farm Park (1983)
Investigation of Archaeological Site Q05/1470, Lot 5 DP 14940, Russell (2012)
Investigation of Archaeological Site Q18/87, at Kuwhatahi Stream, North Taranaki (2001)
Investigation of Archaeological Site T11/2789, Cooks Beach (Pukaki), Mercury Bay: Final Report. HNZ Authorities 2015/867 & 2015/1022 (2017)
Investigation of Archaeological Site T11/624, Whitianga (2003)
Investigation of Archaeological Sites Q07/1301 and 1302, 615 Pataua South Road (2011)
Investigation of Archaeological Sites X15/305, 306 & 309, Authority 2013/445, Houpoto Te Pua Forest, Maraenui, Bay of Plenty (2018)
Investigation of Archaeological Sites: R11/2138 & R11/2324, Barry Curtis Park, Chapel Road, Manukau City (2005)
Investigation of Awaruku Ridge, Long Bay, R10/1098-10 (Part of HP Authorities 2010/44 & 2010/430) (2010)
Investigation of Borrow Pits and Maori Soils near Aotea Harbour and the Waverley Area of South Taranaki (1977)
Investigation of Criterion Hotel, Paeroa (T13/895), Historic Places Authority No. 2010/412 Volume 1 (2015)
Investigation of Historic Ditch and Bank, R11/2150, Baverstock Road, Flat Bush (2003)
The Investigation of Historic Lime Kilns at Ward, Marlborough (no date)
Investigation of Horticultural Features at Thompson's Paddock, Paroa, Tolaga Bay: Report to NZ Historic Places Trust (2007)
Investigation of Lots 178 and 179, Kotuku Parks, Paraparaumu Beach (2002)
Investigation of Midden (R11/2665) Symonds Street, Onehunga, Auckland (2011)
Investigation of Midden at Metzenthein Estate, Raumati (2002)
Investigation of Midden Site S11/559, Omana Regional Park, Beachlands, Manukau City (2011)
Investigation of Midden Sites at One Tree Point, Whangarei Harbour (2001)
Investigation of N67/70: Interim Report (1977)
Investigation of NZAA Sites M25/151 and M25/153 at 1025 Collingwood-Puponga Main Road Oakawau, Part 11 Square 15 for the Preparation of a Wastewater Dispersal Field and Associated Services under HPT Authority 2013/511 and the Investigation of NZAA Sites M25/151 and M25/153 for the Extension of a Subdivision on the Collingwood-Puponga Main Road, Pakawau, Golden Bay under HPT Authority 2013/528 (2013)
Investigation of Part S15/300, Modified Soils and Borrow Pit 'C', Lot 2 DP 436009, 2 Armistead Lane, Pencarrow Road, Tamahere, Waikato. Final Report. HNZ Authority 2017/544 (2017)
Investigation of pavers at Elderslie (Client red. Z1266003-0107) (2007)
Investigation of Reclaimed Land at Former Sawmill Site, Kohukohu, Northland (2013)
Investigation of Site Area NZAA M25/21 on Pt Lot 1 DP 2657: For the Re-Alignment of an Access Way Already Constructed and the Extension of the Upper Reaches of the Same Access Way... Patons Rock Rd, Patons Rock, Golden Bay, March 2013 (2013)
Investigation of Site O06/751, Pakanae (2013)
An Investigation of Site R12/959, Owens Road, Waiuku (2009)
Investigation of Site U14/3545 at 21 Pyes Pa Road, Tauranga: Final Report (2020)
Investigation of Sites R11/2222 and R11/2223 at 321 Rosebank Road, Avondale: Final Report (2011)
Investigation of T11/444 - Midden, Compartment 93, Otanguru Block, Whangapoua Forest (2011)
Investigation of T11/926, Cook Drive, Whitianga (2003)
Investigation of the Colonisation Era Site at the Wharfside Log Yard, Eastland Port, Gisborne (2018)
Investigation of the Railway Hotel, 321 Queen Street, Richmond: Interim Report (2009)
Investigation of the Wreck of the Hydrabad (1998)
Investigation of the Wreck of the Hydrabad - Updated Report (2010)
Investigation of Willsher Bay Burial, 19 December 1978 (1978)
Investigation Report 2014/132 U14/3450 Cameron Road Tauranga (2015)
Investigation Report: Authority 2010-121, Victoria Retail Centre, Whanganui (2014)
S.18 Investigation: Glenside Road, Churton Park, Wellington (2005)
Investigations at Lots 7 and 8 DP 359097, 183 Rapanui Road, Wanganui (2009)
Investigations at McGregor's Bay, Whangarei Heads (2008)
Investigations of Midden Site Q07/1411, Marsden Point Oil Refinery, for Heritage New Zealand Authority 2016/461 (2017)
Investigative test pits at Superlot 2, 205 Gloucester Street, Christchurch: Final report for archaeological investigations under HNZPT authority 2022/476 (2022)
Isel House, 16 Hilliard St, Nelson (2012)
Island Bay Sewer Replacement, Wellington: Archaeological Authority - 2016/619 (2016)
Island Block Archaeological Survey (1995)
Island View Reserve, 165 Seaforth Road, Waihi Beach, Monitoring report in partial fulfilment of HNZPT 2021/341 (2023)
It's our Fault Hikurangi Subduction Zone Hazard: South Palliser Bay Holocene Marine Terraces (2021)