Early Commerce and Industry in Central Invercargill (2019)
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Earnscleugh Dredge Tailings: Archaeological Survey for McStay's Transport Ltd (1994)
Earnscleugh Flat Excavation of Water Race Sections Site G42/381 (2015)
Earnscleugh Flat: Archaeological Survey for Mintago Mining (1996)
An earth systems aproach to understanding the tectonic and cultural landscapes of linked marine embayments: Avon-Heathcote Estuary (Ihutai) and Lake Ellesmere (Waihora), New Zealand (no date)
Earthquake Uplift and Erosion of Archaeological Site L26/1 at the Mouth of the Heaphy River (2003)
Earthwork Fences in New Zealand (2012)
Earthworks at 28 Flaxmere Road, Waikanae: Archaeological Monitoring (2007)
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69-77 East Belt & 1-5 High Street, Rangiora: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
East Coast Forestry Project: Archaeological Survey (1993)
East of the Taieri River: The Archaeology of the Macraes Ecological District (2000)
East Tamaki Reserve: Final Archaeological Report (2014)
Eastbourne Storm Water Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring (2019)
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Eastern Esplanade Streetlights, Kaikoura - Archaeological Report (2011)
71A Eastern Terrace, Beckenham, Christchurch: EQ Repair (2016)
359 Eastern Terrace, Sydenham, Christchurch (M36/557): EQ Rebuild (2017)
225 Eastern Terrace: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2019)
10 Eaton Place, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
14A Ebbtide Street and 4 Tern Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
20 Ebbtide Street, Southshore, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2016)
Ebbtide Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
5 Ebor Street, Te Aro, Wellington (Part R27/552): Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
Ecological and Archaeological Features of the Waimanu Bay Subdivision, Te Atatu North (1998)
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16-18 Eden Crescent, Auckland: Report on Archaeological Evidence (1994)
Eden Valley Supermarket Extension, Valley Road and Dominion Road, Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation Report (2017)
14 and 16 Edgerley Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland (Sites R11/3077 and R11/3030), Auckland: Interim Archaeological Report (2017)
71 and 79 Edgeware Road, 8 and 10 Cornwall Street, and 9 Cranford Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
1-6/164 Edgeware Road, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2019)
1-6/164 Edgeware Road, Christchurch: EQ Ground Remediation & Rebuild (2019)
Edgeware Road, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Edgeware Road, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Edmond's Telephone Kiosk, Corner of Chester Street East and Madras Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
Edmonds Band Rotunda, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
Edmonds Ruins, Kerikeri Inlet, Bay of Islands: The Stone Structures and the Artefact Assemblage (1994)
116a Edward Avenue, Edgeware: EQ Demolition (2017)
2-3/112 Edward Avenue, Edgeware: EQ Demolition & Safepower (2017)
Edward Reece & Sons Ltd: An Archaeological Investigation of their Shop (2004)
Edward Avenue, Edgeware: EQ Rebuild
The Effects of Project Aqua on the Archaeology of the Waitaki Valley : A Preliminary Report (2001)
Eichardt's Hotel, Queenstown: Archaeological Investigations (2001)
Eichardt's Hotel, Queenstown: Preliminary Archaeological Report (2000)
Eldorado Water Races (H44/1019 and H44/1020) (2006)
Electrical ducting and light installation, Auckland War Memorial Museum: archaeological monitoring, preliminary report (2014)
Ellerslie Motorway Enabling Works, Ellerslie Station: Archaeological Monitoring and Structural Recording (2011)
200 Elles Road, Invercargill: Building Recording Report (2012)
385 Ellesmere Junction Road, Springston: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
The Elloughton Grange: Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. J39/63 Under Archaeological Authority No. 2014/500 (2016)
The Elms, Tauranga: Monitoring Report for the Installation of an External Sprinkler System (2010)
Elroy Investments Ltd Property, 265 Takahiwai Road, One Tree Point, Whangarei District - Proposed Subdivision: Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects (2007)
Elsdon Park, Takāpūwahia Porirua Interim Report on Archaeological Investigation of Old Road Formation as Required by Authority 2022-491 (2022)
8 Ely Street, Christchurch (M35/1281): EQ Demolition and Rebuild (2016)
38 Ely Street, Christchurch: EQ Repair (2019)
58 Ely Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
Emerald Glen-Waterfall Road Extension, Paraparaumu: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2011)
Emergency Archaeological Inspection - Gladstone Hotel Demolition Site (2005)
PBC Emergency Events May 05, Reid Road (RP 1100) Slip Repair, Archaeological Monitoring Report (2006)
Emma Drive, Waikawa Beach, Horowhenua, Archaeological Monitoring Report (2012)
2016/959, 2016/1020, 2016/1204, and 2017/433 Enable NDP6 and NDP7, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
2016/1031, 2016/1196, 2017/118 and 2017/180 Enable NDP6 and NDP7, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, and Woodend: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
2016/1073 Enable NDP6, Prebbleton: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
Enable UFB Installation, Tuahiwi Road, Greens Road and Topito Road, Tuahiwi: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
2015/1380 Enable UFB Project NDP5, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
2016/198, 2016/1060, 2016/1085, and 2017/215 Enable UFB project NDP6 and NDP7, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
Enable UFB Installation Project: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
P2P Enabling Works: final report (HNZPTA authority 2021/307) (2023)
The Endeavour: An Historical Account of New Zealand's Earliest Recorded European Shipwreck, and Research Potential of the Archaeological Remains of the Vessel (1992)
AU/53 – Enderby Island Polynesian Settlement, Preliminary Report (2023)
Enfield Heights, Mutiny Road, Pakipaki, Hastings: Archaeological Assessment Report (2004)
Ensors Road Wastewater Renewal, Final Report under Archaeological Authority No. 2020/638 (2020)
16 Ensors Road, Christchurch (M36/520): Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
4 Ensors Road, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
2 Ensors Road, Opawa, Christchurch - EQ Demolition (2016)
2 Ensors Road, Opawa: EQ Rebuild (2017)
The Enterprise Water Race, Naseby (1999)
“Epigwaitt” & the Wreck of the Grafton, Carnley Harbour, Auckland Island (2002)
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Erin-Go-Bragh Water Race, Three Mile Valley, Greenstone Goldfield (1999)
120 Esk Street, Invercargill, A Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. E46/124 under Archaeological Authority No. 2021/047 (2020)
Esperance Street, St Albans: EQ Demolition
Esplanade Reserves - Hellyers and Lucas Creeks: Archaeological Survey (2004)
Esplanade, Sumner, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
“Essence of Filth” Report on archaeological monitoring of construction earthworks at the Childrens’ Hospital, Newtown, Wellington Authority 2018/507 Report to C&CDHB and Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga (2021)
The Establishment of Green Island at Runciman's Bridge (2009)
Estate Manager's Cottage Site (R09/800), Two House Bay, Kawau Island (2007)
The Estate of B W Woodman: Archaeological Assessment of the Rocky Ridge and Smylies Blocks, Greville Harbour, D'Urville Island (2003)
366 Estuary Road, 66C Rocking Horse Road and 40A Rocking Horse Road Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
332 Estuary Road, Christchurch - Demolition: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
379 Estuary Road, South New Brighton: EQ Demolition (2016)
374 Estuary Road, Southshore Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2016)
339 Estuary Road, Southshore Christchurch: EQ Rebuild (2016)
345 Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch - EQ Demolition. Archaeological Authority Monitoring Report 2015/1257eq (2015)
390 Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch – Demolition: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
376 Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring NZHPT Authority 2013/383eq (2013)
377 Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
399a Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch: EQ Demo (2014)
351a Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2016)
301 Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch: EQ Repair/Rebuild (2018)
380a Estuary Road, Southshore: EQ Demolition (2016)
351a Estuary Road, Southshore: EQ Rebuild (2018)
379 Estuary Road, Southshore: EQ SafePower Report (2018)
Estuary Road, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Estuary Road, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch - Demolition: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Estuary Road, Southshore, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
22-24 Ethel Benjamin Place: Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. I44/816 under Archaeological Authority No. 2018/369 (2019)
Eureka Gold Mining Settlement, Kuranui Valley, Thames Special Area (no date)
The European Hotel, Dunedin (2015)
8 Evans Ave, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
Evans Avenue, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Evans Avenue, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Evans Avenue, New Brighton, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
10 Eveleyn Couzins Ave, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2015)
Eveleyn Couzins Avenue, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Event K281, 1987-88 - Ross Island Historic Huts: Report on Archaeological Work and Management Considerations (1988)
10 Eversleigh Street, St Albans (M35/1550): EQ Repair (2019)
Excavation - Whitipirorua (1988)
Excavation and Monitoring Report: SH29/Oropi Road Roundabout Slip Repair, NZAA U14/3312, Tauranga (2009)
Excavation at Anatere Pa, U13/46 (N53/79), Athenree, Bay of Plenty (1996)
Excavation at Fort Ligar (R11/1656): Preliminary Report to the NZ Historic Places Trust (1988)
Excavation at Karamuramu: Preliminary Report (1980)
Excavation at Site R11/1930, Pukaki Creek, Mangere (2000)
An Excavation at the Old Pittar & Barker Site, Cnr. Pitt Street and Reads Quay, Turanganui, Gisborne (1995)
Excavation at Waimangeo Springs Agricultural Flat: Interim Report (1983)
Excavation in Wairarapa (1976)
Excavation of 12 The Rise, St Heliers: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
Excavation of a Cable Trench to Pyle's Barn, St Bathans (2009)
Excavation of a Historic Well O27/69 at Bridge Street, Nelson (1992)
Excavation of a Nineteenth Century Kauri Bushmen's Hut Site, Waitakere Ranges, West Auckland (1981)
The Excavation of a Roof and Two Stairwells, Site R11/1723, Fort Takapuna (Authority No. 2003/113) (2010)
Excavation of an Albert Barracks Well (Site N42/876), Auckland City (1978)
Excavation of an Open Settlement Site Near Whangamata (1987)
The Excavation of an Undefended Settlement at S11/108, Clevedon (1992)
Excavation of Area A, T12/937, Tararu, Coromandel Peninsula (2001)
Excavation of Human Skeletal Material at S164/194, Papanui Inlet, Otago Peninsula (1977)
Excavation of Jewish Synagogue Site, Gloucester Street, Christchurch (1988)
Excavation of koiwi tangata at 154 Oceanbeach Road, Omanu, Tauranga (2014)
Excavation of Lots 3 and 4, Tompkins Subdivision, Wairau Road, Oakura: Preliminary Report (2006)
Excavation of M15 & L14, Hamlins Hill (N42/137), May 1977 (1977)
Excavation of Midden Site T12/985, Te Totara, Thames (2000)
Excavation of N14/96 & 98, Rangi Point, Hokianga Harbour (1982)
Excavation of N42/941, Westfield, South Auckland (1983)
Excavation of N57/74 (Terrace) and N57/75 (Pit) (1980)
Excavation of NZAA Site Number V20/159 situated at Block III, Tangoio Survey District, Hawke's Bay (2002)
Excavation of Postholes Required for the Erection of a new Fence on the North Bank of the Wairau River Mouth, and Analysis of the Materil Recovered (2009)
Excavation of R11/1621, Waikopua Creek (1987)
Excavation of R11/1783 at 27 The Parade, Bucklands Beach (1994)
Excavation of Sgt Michael Ford's Cottage, Panmure, Auckland: A Preliminary Report (1995)
Excavation of Site N7/300 - Taipa, Mangonui (1988)
The Excavation of Site R11/1386, Maungamaungaroa, Howick (1989)
The Excavation of Sites R11/1590 and R11/1591, East Tamaki, Auckland (1994)
Excavation of T10/236, 1069, 1070 and 1071 at The Glades, Matapaua (2008)
Excavation of T11/974, Paku, Tairua (2008)
Excavation of T12/372, 373 and 1236, Totara Palms, Thames (2008)
Excavation of the Albert Barracks (R11/833): University of Auckland Student Amenities Project (2003)
Excavation of the Alpha Flour Mill Site, New Plymouth (1986)
Excavation of the Victoria Hotel Site, Auckland: A Preliminary Report (2002)
Excavation of Undefended Site R10/494 on Motutapu Island, New Zealand (2009)
Excavation on Takarunga (Site N42/102), Mt Victoria, Devonport (1985)
Excavation on the Devonport to Takapuna Coastal Walkway and Cycleway - Stage 1, Midden Site R11/2474 for Authority 2010/40 (2011)
S18 Excavation Report 152-160 Hobson Street, Auckland: Preliminary Draft and Archaeological Assessment in Support of Section 11 Authority Application (2006)
Excavation Report 2016 Archaeological Investigations Southern Cemeteries Archaeological Project (2022)
Excavation Report for R11/2375, The New Lynn Hotel Site (2011)
Excavation Report Heritage New Zealand Authority No 2019-085 with Regard To R08/132 (2019)
Excavation Report on the Archaeological Investigations around the Niu Pole at Kuranui, Site N57/90 (1980)
Excavation Report: Site I42/27: House Sites, Site I42/28: Stone Ruin, Macraes Flat (1995)
Excavation Report: Site N11/596, Waitangi State Forest 193 (1986)
Excavations and Archaeological Monitoring of Site R11/1408, 38 Porterfield Road, Whitford (2003)
Excavations at 152-160 Hobson St (R11/2361), Auckland. Final Report in Fulfilment of NZHPT Authority Nos. 2006/262 and 2007/17 (2008)
Excavations at 27 Main Rd, Redcliffs (2009)
Excavations at Awamoa, Oamaru, Oct-Nov 2013, Runanga Presentation (2013)
Excavations at Britomart, Auckland (R11/1379): Prepared for Auckland City Council (2005)
Excavations at Hawkins Hill, South Auckland (1985)
Excavations at Maunu (1976)
Excavations at Moncks Cave: Report to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (2004)
Excavations at N128/20: Preliminary Report (1981)
Excavations at Onawe Pa, 1986 (1986)
Excavations at Otakanini Pa, South Kaipara Harbour (1971)
Excavations at Pauatahanui Inlet, Porirua (1978)
Excavations at R11/1394 (Hawkins Hill), Tamaki, South Auckland (1996)
Excavations at Scott Farmstead, Ihumatao (2011)
Excavations at Shag Point (J43/11), North Otago: A Summary Report (1997)
Excavations at Site N35/88, Port Jackson in November 1982 (1982)
Excavations at Site R09/11, Whangateau Harbour (1993)
Excavations at St Bathans Cottage Hospital Preliminary report (2011)
Excavations at Te Hoe, Mahia Peninsula (2008)
Excavations at the Archaic Site of Wainakarua Mouth, North Otago (1978)
Excavations at the Buller Site, Jan 28th - Feb 11th 2004 (2004)
Excavations at the General Assembly Site (R11/1595), Auckland (1988)
Excavations at the Hawksburn Moa-hunting Site: An Interim Report (1978)
Excavations at the Heaphy River Mouth L26/1 (2004)
Excavations at the Karamea Midden Site L27/4, September 2004 (2009)
Excavations at the Lawrence Chinese Camp (2005)
Excavations at the Oashore Whaling Station (M37/162), Banks Peninsula, Jan-Feb 2004 (2006)
Excavations at the Omata Stockade, N108/39, January-February 1977: A Preliminary Report (1977)
Excavations at the Queen/Fort Streets and Queen/Swanson Streets Intersections, Auckland (1999)
Excavations at the Sunday School Hall, Holy Trinity Church, Wainui Road, Silverdale (2005)
Excavations at Warea Redoubt, N118/6, January-February 1978: A Preliminary Report (1978)
Excavations at Whitipirorua, T12/16, Coromandel Peninsula (1991)
Excavations in cave at Q11/419671 in the Waitakere Ranges (1981)
Excavations of A 'Raised-Rim' Pit (S37/61), Barrytown Flats, West Coast (1991)
Excavations of Midden Site Pakini Beach, N29/123495 (1985)
Excavations of Middens at R25/13, Pukenamu Road, Te Horo (no date)
Excavations of Ovens in South Canterbury (1982)
Excavations of T12/654, Whangamata (1988)
Excavations of the Phoenix Quartz Mining Company's Dynamo Site, Shotover Valley (1985)
The Excavations of Waikouaiti Whaling Station (143/66) (1993)
Excavations of Wellers Rock Try-Works, Otakou Whaling Station, Otago Harbour, New Zealand (no date)
The Excavations of Westfield (R11/898), South Auckland (1986)
Excavations on Hamlins Hill (Northern Ridge) N42/137 (1985)
Excavations on Mount Roskill (1962)
21 Exeter Street, and 16 and 18 Winchester Street, Lyttelton (St Joseph's School) (2020)
15 Exeter Street, Christchurch: EQ Rebuild (2019)
14 Exeter Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
15 Exeter Street, Merivale, Christchurch: EQ Demolition. Archaeological Monitoring Report Authority 2017/201eq (2016)
Exeter Street, Lyttelton: EQ Demolition
Exeter Street, Lyttelton: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
22 Exley John Place, Brooklands: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
An Experimental Approach to the Archaeology of Earth and Rock Mounds in New Zealand (1992)
Exploratory Archaeological Testing of the Melanesian Mission, Mission Bay, Auckland (HNZPT List 111, R11/1706, CHI 1575) (2015)
Exploratory Archaeological Investigation
SH20 Extension Hillsborough to Richardson Rd: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Extension to Alfred Nathan House, 24 Princes Street, University of Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
Eyres Point, Te Arai, Rodney District: Archaeological Assessment (2002)