The 'Old Big Pump' Shaft (T12/721) Subsidence, SH25, Thames (2012)
Oakleigh/Cambridge RSA, 59-61 Alpha Street, Cambridge: Archaeological Investigation (2017)
Oakley and Bennett Quarries (1989)
Oakley Creek Waterfall Facilities Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring for Slips Project (2011)
Oakura Armed Constabulary Redoubt (2023)
Oakura Sewerage Connections, Various Authorities: Final Report (2016)
Oakura Subdivision: Final Archaeological Report (2007)
Oakura Wastewater Treatment and Reticulation Upgrade: Preliminary Archaeological Report (2009)
Oamaru Courthouse, Thames Street, Oamaru, Site J41/278: Archaeological Report (2018)
Oamaru Harbour Silo Demolition, Site J41/126: Report to NZHPT on Authority No. 2008/55 (2008)
Oamaru Harbour: An Archaeological Assessment (2004)
Oamaru Harbourside 'Learn to Ride' Area: Final Report on Authority No. 2016/1109 (2017)
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Oamaru Harbourside Walkway/Cycleway (2011)
Oamaru Heritage Area Roads, Annual report (2017-2018) to Waitaki District Council on archaeological authority no. 2009/115 (2018)
Oamaru Heritage Area Roads: Annual Report to Waitaki District Council on Archaeological Authority 2009/115 (2011)
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Oamaru Suspension Bridge: Final Report on Archaeological Authority 2018/465 for Waitaki District Council (2018)
The Oamaru to Hampden Water Pipeline: Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. J42/172-175, J41/184 and J41/185 under Archaeological Authority No. 2018/038 (2018)
Oamaru Heritage Area Roads
Observations on Recorded Sites on Boscabel Subdivision, Ohauiti Road (1999)
Obsidian Sourcing Report (2008)
Ocean Ridge Archaeological Assessment (2009)
7 Ocean View Place, Rakaia Huts: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
Oddfellows Hall & Petone Working Men’s Club - 73 Jackson Street, Petone: Report on Archaeological Monitoring - Authority 2018-453 (2023)
1-12/140 Office Road, Merivale, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2019)
Ohariu Bay, Makara: Archaeological Assessment for Wellington City Council Proposed Toilet/Changing Shed Construction (1997)
Ohauiti 11 kV Feeder Cable, Kaitemako Substation, Welcome Bay: Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation (2010)
Ohaupo Motel Development: Archaeological Assessment (2007)
Ohaupo Motel Development: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Ohaupo School Final Archaeological Report (2015)
Ohope Road Improvements: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2007)
Ohope Road Slips: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2013)
Ohope Water Fire Flow Upgrades: Archaeological Assessment (2008)
BP Oil New Zealand Limited - Proposed Northern Motorway Service Centre, Dairy Flat, Rodney District: Archaeological Assessment (2001)
Okahu Bay Stormwater Separation: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2021)
458 Okahukura Road, Tapora, Avocado Orchard Stage 1: Interim Archaeological Monitoring Report (2015)
Okau Excavations (1976)
Okiwi Airfield Drainage Improvement Works, Okiwi, Great Barrier Island: Archaeological Assessment and Monitoring (2001)
Okura Bush Scenic Reserve: Archaeological Site Survey (1986)
11A Okura River Road, Okura, Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2023)
Okura Walkway, Karepiro Bay, Auckland: Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Track Construction Works Affecting R10/593 (2010)
Okuratope Pa Historic Reserve Botanical Report (1985)
Okuratope Pa, Waimate, Bay of Islands (1985)
Old Dunedin North Post Office & Police Station: Final Report on Archaeological Authority 2013/62 (2013)
The Old Gibbston Hotel: Archaeological Report (2014)
The Old Gibbston Hotel: Report on the Effects of Excavations (2012)
The Old Homestead Site, 92 Point Chevalier Road Archaeological Report (HNZPT Authority 2015/975) (2016)
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Old Sailors and Auckland's Graving Dock: The Archaeology of the AMP Waterfront Tower (2001)
Old St Paul's: Archaeological Monitoring (2011)
The Old Vicarage 39 Church Street, Masterton, Wairarapa (2022)
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140 Olliviers Road, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2014)
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Omaha Beach: Final Archaeological Report (2003)
157 Omaha Drive, Omaha Beach, Auckland: R09/2218 Final Archaeological Investigation and Monitoring Report (2017)
Omaha fibre optic cable installation: final report (HNZPTA authority 2021/500) (2023)
Omaha Sandspit Development: Preliminary Assessment of Damage to Archaeological Sites (2003)
Omaha UFB2 build (HNZPT authority 2021/500) interim report (2022)
Omahuta State Forest (William's Block): Archaeological Site Survey, November 1976 (1976)
Omana Walkway, Maraetai: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
Omanawanui Track Upgrade, Whatipu, Waitakere Regional Park, Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2021)
Omate Beach Sea Wall and Ramp (2004)
14b Ombersley Terrace, Opawa: EQ Rebuild (2019)
Omokoroa Road Urbanisation, Stage 1: Final Report (2022)
262 Omokoroa Road, Omokoroa: Archaeological Investigation of Site U14/3525 (HNZPTA Authority 2016/1139) (2017)
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Omokoroa UFB2 Build (HNZPT Authority 2018/186): Final Report (2020)
Omokoroa UFB2 Build: Interim Report (2019)
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One Tree Hill Domain , Removal of Tree Stump From Summit - Archaeology (2001)
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Q07/322, One Tree Point Clifftop Reserve - East, Ruakaka (2011)
One Tree Point, Whangarei Harbour: Final Report on Stage 1 Investigations (2008)
364-368 Onehunga Mall: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2015)
Onepu Forest, Site N03/596: Post-Harvest Investigation (2012)
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Opening Maritana Historic Mine (2002)
Opera Point Site Complex, Whangapoua, Coromandel Peninsula (1981)
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Orakei Basin: Archaeological Survey (1998)
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78 Orakei Road, Remuera, Auckland: Interim Archaeological Monitoring Report (2022)
36 Oram Avenue, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
13B Oram Place, Kaiapoi: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
Orapiu Bay, Waiheke Island: An Archaeological Assessment (2001)
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284 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington, Part R27/306 (2012)
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120 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington: Building Archaeology and Archaeological Monitoring Report (2011)
Origin and Development of Lake St John (Waiatarua) (1990)
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14/3243 Oropi Meadows: preliminary report HPA authority 2014/708 (2014)
U14/2668 Oropi Rd: Bank Stabilisation Final Report (2019)
Oropi School U15/809 Final Report (2021)
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Oropuriri P19/262 Excavations February 2002: Second Interim Report (2002)
Orua-iti/Point Dorset, Miramar Peninsula, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Under NZHPT Archaeological Authority 2012/751 (2012)
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Oruarangi and Paterangi Pa in the Thames District (1977)
Oruarangi Archaeological Survey (1991)
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Oruarangi Creek Mouth, Shore Protection Works (2011)
Oruarangi/Matatoki Canal Flood Toe Drain: Archaeological monitoring conducted on behalf of the Ngati Whanaunga owners of Oruarangi for New Zealand Historic Places Trust (1992)
Osmond’s Lot (5-11 Bradshaw Street): Early Property development on the South Dunedin Flat Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. I44/926 under Archaeological (2020)
101, 101A and 101B Osprey Drive, Welcome Bay Tauranga: preliminary report (HNZPTA authority 2016/1036) (2017)
Otago Central Rail Trail: An Archaeological Assessment (1994)
Otago Harbour Sea Walls from Challis Point to White House Bay: Otago Peninsula Road Improvements (2011)
Otago Peninsula Roading Improvements: Macandrew Bay and Ohinetu Sea Walls (2010)
Otago Peninsula Upgrade: 2014-2017 Report for Archaeological Investigations under Archaeological Authority Nos. 2015/149 and 2015/1223 (2018)
Otago Polytechnic School of Art: Final Report on Authority No. 2008/358 (2009)
Otago Polytechnic Student Centre, Harbour Terrace: Final Report on Authority No. 2009/139 (2009)
Otago Settlers Museum: Interim Report on Authority 2008/67 (2009)
Otago Coast State Forest Archaeological Inspection
Otaha/Taronui Bay Archaeological Field Survey (1978)
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Otahuna Estate: Earthquake Mitigation Works (2010)
Otaihanga Landfill: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Otaihanga Roundabout: Archaeological Monitoring of Construction Earthworks (2013)
Otakanini Pa (no date)
Otaki Railway Station: Archaeological Investigation Report (2009)
125 Otaki St, Kaiapoi: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
Otamatea District Archaeological Site Survey (1983)
Otanemutu Forest - 2018 Harvesting - Post-Harvest Archaeological Assessment of Sites X15/346, 348 - HNZPT Authority 2018/549 (2018)
Otanemutu Forest, HNZPT Authority 2018/549 - Excavation of Pit, Archaeological Site X15/346 (2019)
Otanemutu Forest, Omarumutu– Post-Harvest Archaeological Assessment (2019)
Otanewainuku Radio Tower, Mangatoi Road, Mangatoi: Archaeological Survey (1999)
Otangaroa State Forest 115 - Smedleys and Kohumaru Blocks: Archaeological Survey (1981)
Otangaroa State Forest 115, (Compartments 5 & 6): Archaeological Site Survey Report, 1980 (1980)
Otatara Pa (V21/168) Rescue Excavation, March 10-14 1997 (1997)
Oteranga Bay, Wellington: Archaeological Assessment for Clear Communications Ltd, Cable Relocation (1997)
Oteranga Bay, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring of Cable Replacement (2020)
Otiake River Rail Bridge Pile Removal, Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. I40/108 under Archaeological Authority No. 2019/652 (2020)
22 Otley Street, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2019)
Otorohanga Waka - Archaeological Authority 2002-154: 20-Day Report, May 2002 (2002)
84 Ottawa Road, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2015)
Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve - Oral History Interviews with Prior European Landowners (2005)
Otuataua Stonefields: Proposal for Protection (1994)
Otukaikino Creek Geotechnical Investigations: Archaelogical Monitoring Report (2014)
Otumanga Pump Station Biofilter, Welcome Bay, Tauranga: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
Otumanga Pump Station to Maungatapu Rising Main - Monitoring Report (2010)
Otumoetai Road Works - Archaeological Authority 2018/292 (2018)
Oturia BTS Cell Site, Okaihau: Archaeological Assessment (1999)
The Ounce Mine, Macraes: Archaeological Survey, October 1994 (1994)
Our Lady Star of the Sea School, 45 Colenso Street, Sumner. Prepared for the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. Archaeological Authority Monitoring Report 2018/088 (2018)
An Outline History and Archaeological Report on Kerikeri's First Hydro-Electric Generating Station Site P05/516 (1993)
Outram Blacksmithy, 7 Hoylake Street Outram (2013)
Ovens, Kaitorete Spit (Interim Report) (1985)
Over 140 years of Tradition - Harraway & Sons Mill Site: Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site I44/649, Under Archaeological Authority No. 2015-924 (2015)
Overview of the Coppermine History of Kawau Island 1840-1855: Subsequent Operations (1984)
Owairaka - Proposed Housing Development (Stage 01): Archaeological Monitoring Report (2019)
Owari: An Early 17th Century Kainga at Wairoa. Archaeological Investigation at S11/989, North Road, Clevedon, Manukau City (2006)
99 Owen's Road, Mt Eden: Preliminary Report for HNZPTA Authority 2019/681 (2020)
99 Owen’s Road, Mt. Eden: Preliminary report for HNZPTA authority 2019/681 (2019)
127 Owera Road, site T11/346: final report (HNZPTA authority 2022/460) (2023)
51 Owles Terrace (51-53 Collingwood Street), Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
60 Owles Terrace, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
Oxford Service Centre Library, Oxford, North Canterbury, Archaeological Authority Monitoring Report 2017-352 (2017)
37 Oxford Street, Lyttelton – Archaeological Authority Monitoring Report 2020/363eq (2019)
17 Oxford Street, Lyttelton, Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Site M36/787 (2020)
62 Oxford Street, Lyttelton: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
126 Oxford Terrace & 77-79 & 81-85 Cashel Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
256-258 Oxford Terrace and 167-171 Armagh Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
286-290 Oxford Terrace and 79 Chester Street East, Christchurch (M35/886): Report on Archaeological Monitoing (2017)
356 Oxford Terrace, 41, 43, 45, 47 and 49 Bangor Street, 15, 17, 21 and 29 Hurley Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
12 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, Final Report for Archaeological Investigations under HNZPT Authority 2020/304eq (2021)
392 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch: Demolition and Monitoring Archaeological Report (2012)
406 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2019)
26 Oxford Terrace, Lyttelton: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
Oxford Street, Lyttelton: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Oxford Terrace, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring
Oxford Terrace, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Oxford Terrace, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring